Churchgate Protective provides security that promotes guest return. Our guards are committed to contributing the utmost best treatment to keep hotel guests happy.


Our security guards are knowledgeable in developing, implementing and administering all aspects of Bank's Security Program and Safety Program. This position acts as a liaison between Bank personnel and law enforcement authorities when responding to robberies or other crimes; Trust Churchgate to give you the right guards to protect you and your customers. With bank thieves discovering new ways to take advantage of the Bank's system, we at Churchgate ensure our guards are ready and prepared in every way to get the job done.

We have solid experience with major construction companies. Our construction security guards protect developers and owners from costly losses. Officers are assigned to overnight construction security with the understanding that construction security guards must maintain high levels of vigilance.


We are exceptionally positioned to offer customized security services to meet the specific needs of any organization. Our capabilities include:

  • ​Reception Services
  • ​Concierge Services
  • ​Console Operations
  • ​Vehicle and Foot Patrol Inspection Services
  • ​Fire Patrol and Equipment Checks (Fire Safety)



Churchgate Protective provides security for Homeless Shelters throughout the city. We work to create a safer environment for some of our city’s most vulnerable and underprivileged citizens.

And More...

Commercial Buildings

718 . 498 . 5960 

Churchgate Protective provides security to commercial buildings all over the city. Our commitment to you is to show our utmost professionalism in every aspect of our business. Our guards are dedicated to keeping your assets safe which allows you to live worry free knowing that Churchgate Protective is doing everything to keep you safe.


Construction Sites

Facilities and Shelters

Our event security team works collectively to provide comprehensive event security services. Churchgate has guards trained and ready in the area to keep everyone safe whether it's:

  • Concert Settings
  • Clubs
  • Church Events
  • Community Events
  • Foot Patrol